Scot is not only a tutor but also a part-time solo attorney.  He graduated from the UCLA School of Law and is now licensed to practice law in California, specializing in patents and other small business concerns.  His education included many of the standard bar courses such as Corporations, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Property, Torts, and Clinical Courses, as well as Patent Law and other subjects.  Scot has tutored several law school students in bar courses, Business Law, and clinical research / writing classes.  He has worked with law graduates to prepare for the California Bar Exam and the First Year Law Student Exam, the FYLSE or “Baby Bar” exam.

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If you have recently failed the California bar, come try a new approach.  Most students in this situation have spent too much time on MBE questions and not enough on essay practice.  The shortcoming of most bar-prep classes is that they keep telling you to “spot the issues,” but they never give you a list of what “the issues” are!  Scot has looked over numerous model answers to determine exactly what “the issues” are and how to structure your essay responses with them.  Frankly, the exam also requires a massive knowledge base.  Scot will help you with brute force memorization. He can look over your outlines and checklists to make sure they are complete, or alternatively start you on a new program with the flashcards-to-outline system that worked for him.

Scot can also tutor the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) naturalization exam, which applicants must pass as the final stage to becoming a naturalized United States citizen! The exam covers English and United States Civics.