I have experience tutoring US and World History.  In history courses, especially AP, the key is thorough reading and comprehension of the textbook material.  We get in the practice of outlining chapters to understand how the information is organized.  I add visual elements to history tutoring:  We use a globe to show where countries and regions are, and we Google historical figures to look at their faces and help create a lasting mental impression.

Reading a history book is very different from the perspective of student and teacher.  The teacher has much more context to make sense of events and “read between the lines”.  History books must be written compactly, so they can not always unpack the full picture.  When we read passages together, I make sure you understand the unstated backdrop and nuances.

Although I do not have a degree in history, I have been informally researching and writing on the subject for years.  My world history in progress is The Evolution Of Human … , where so far I have written about the world history of the last few millennia as well as natural history from 30,000,000 to 14,000,000,000 years ago.