English tutoring services include:

  • The verbal portions of the SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT exams
  • Essays for the SAT, ACT, and GRE exams
  • The TOEFL exam
  • Essays for college / graduate / professional applications
  • Bar exam essays
  • English for the US citizenship naturalization exam (I am also an immigration attorney)
  • ESL.  I do not speak any other languages, so I recommend that the student be conversational in English or bring a translator.
  • Legal writing
  • Term papers and masters theses.  Please note that it is impossible for me to write you term paper from scratch!  I can help you get started.  You must provide the first draft.  I can then provide you with feedback and help with organization and polishing.  I have recently worked with undergraduate English language learners, a masters student working on a thesis in social sciences, and a law school memorandum of points and authorities.
I have earned a perfect 800 on the Verbal section of the SAT exam (a proctored but unofficial score), a 166 (96th percentile) on the Verbal portion of the GRE exam, and a 5.5 (98th percentile) on the Essay portion of the GRE exam.

Writing samples:  I am currently working on a book-in-progress called The Evolution Of Human.  The website features blog posts as well as full chapters about human history and natural history.