This page includes links to resources that I offer for sale.

Quizlet flash cards

I have created numerous sets of flash cards on Quizlet. They are designed to assist with memory and speed training. I sell access to them at 10 cents / card online or PDF, or 25 cents / card in hardcopy, plus the time required to organize them. Most of them are password protected; I’ll give you the password after the sale is completed.

  • “GRE-1” math facts (110 cards)
  • “GRE-2” math facts (128 cards)
  • Carrying / borrowing number facts (56 cards)
  • 9’s and 10’s complements (17 cards)
  • Single-digit multiplication and division (98 cards)
  • Two-digit-by-one-digit mult. & division, primary (60 cards)
  • Two-digit-by-one-digit mult. & division, advanced (in progress, will finish upon request)
  • Powers and roots (76 cards)
  • Fraction / decimal equivalents, basic (21 reversible cards)
  • Fraction / decimal equivalents, intermediate (26 reversible cards)
  • Fraction / decimal equivalents, advanced (42 reversible cards)
  • Word roots for vocabulary (26 cards)
  • Greek number prefixes
  • Chemistry nomenclature
  • Periodic table memorization
  • Compounds and ions

Generic “Quizlet” flash card tutorial:

Free YouTube Videos

I have recorded “simulacra” (similar problems) for all 25 math problems in Ch. 8, Section 5 of the ETS book, and some for Section 6. I have not yet uploaded them to my new YouTube channel. Please inquire if interested.

Click the YouTube icon at the upper right of this page to access all my free videos and playlists.

Additionally, I sell my GRE class lecture videos at 1/4 the rate of live lessons ($17.50 / hr). The GRE-1 and GRE-2 courses each have about 15 hours of lessons. GRE-1 content:

  • Intro to the GRE
  • Intro to GRE Verbal
  • Intro to GRE Math
  • Intro to GRE essays
  • AAA Essay lecture
  • AAA Essay demonstration
  • AAI Essay lecture
  • AAI Essay demonstration
  • Using Khan Academy for math content review
  • Proportions and Percents ’til you Puke
  • Arithmetic Power Hour
  • Algebra Power Hour
  • Geometry Power Hour
  • Data Analysis Power Hour
  • From Now Until Test Day, including computerized test format