Summer 2017 rates effective 7/15/17 – 8/22/17

  • $70 / hr if not prepaid more than 24 hours in advance (“same day” rate)
  • $65 / hr for 1 – 3 hours prepaid* all at once (“weekly” rate) or for your very first lesson.
  • $60 / hr for 4 – 11 hours prepaid* all at once (“monthly” rate).  $240 minimum.
  • $55 / hr for 12 – 23 hours prepaid* all at once (“semester” package).  $660 minimum.
  • $50 / hr for 24+ hours prepaid* all at once (“school year” package).  $1,200 minimum.

If you prepay for a block of dates at your very first lesson, that lesson will be included in the discounted rate.

Your current discount is determined by your credit balance as of the time of your most recent payment, until that prepayment is used up.

* Payments must be received more than 24 hours before the lesson to qualify as “pre” payments.


House calls

housecall_radiiHouse calls within the three-mile radius are 90-minute lessons billed as two hours.

House calls between the three- and five-mile radii are two-hour lessons billed as three hours.

 Group class

$25 / hr + materials; $500 for entire course.  You may make two payments of $270.  $50 discount if you are a GRE-1 alumnus who goes on to take the GRE-2 course.  This rate will be increasing to $550 for a 6-week class, or $1,000 for a 12-week class, on 9/15/17.

Flash cards

$40 to buy full set, $15 to buy the PDF, or $10 / week to rent.

Access to video lessons

The video lessons publicly accessible on my YouTube channel are all free.  (See button at upper right of this website).  There are also some secret proprietary videos, and we’ll email you the link for $10 / hr.

Off-hours lessons

Off-hours lessons are normally billed at a 50% surcharge.  See Policies page for more info.





1-on-n Lessons

Sharing live lessons is a great way to reduce your costs. With n students, the formula for each student’s share of the lesson is (n + 1) / 2n times the
single-student fee. This is summarized in the following table.

# of students Discount
2 25%
3 33%
4 37%
5 40%
6 42%
7 43%
8 44%
9 44%
10 45%


If you refer a student who books at least two hours with me, I’ll be glad to offer you a referral fee equivalent to the value of that student’s first hour (cash or credit to you).

Hungry Bachelor Discount

Will tutor for food! $10 discount for a full meal.