*** I am available for online lessons and help with online courses. ***

Subjects and Format

Nth Degree Tutoring specializes in high school and college homework help.  Staying on top of your grades is the most important element of your educational career.  The best way to prepare for standardized exams is to do well in school.  Moreover, your high school grades are even more important than your SAT / ACT score!

Homework help, tutoring, Los Angeles

My standard recommendation to get through that tough class is 1 – 2 hours of weekly tutoring.  We will clarify what your teacher was trying to say, stay on top of your homework assignments, and make sure that you are ready for tests.  I specialize in all math and science except computer programming.  I also help with term papers, and I have occasionally tutored history.  Sorry, no lab reports!

I work regularly with college students.  I taught math at SMC and the UCLA Extension for nine years, so I am deeply acquainted with their curricula.  I am located close to WLAC too.  I specialize in physics and math, including statistics and calculus.  I have occasionally helped business students from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.  I assist with term papers, but you have to write the first draft.

Online tutoring in times of social distancing

I help with traditional and online courses. During the 2020 corona virus stay-at-home orders, I am leaving it up to my clients whether to come to the office or tutor remotely. This is a very low-risk environment (just you and me) and I am comfortable having students here. However, I am not considered an essential business, and by the letter of the law we should not meet in person.

I use Skype for remote tutoring. Most of my requests are for Zoom or FaceTime. Zoom charges for more than 40-minute calls, and not everyone, including me, has Apple products to use FaceTime. To tutor remotely,

  • Make sure that you have Skype on a device larger than a phone. I find that touchscreens work well, so that when you share your screen I can see you write.
  • If you are installing Skype for the first time, please test it before initiating your call.
  • At our lesson time, just go to my front page and click the Skype button at upper right.


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