I have worked with students preparing for the California bar exam and the First-Year Law Student Exam (FYLSE) or “baby bar.”  I also tutor bar exam subjects such as criminal law, torts, and contracts for law school exams and papers.  You may book lessons one-on-one or bring a small study group with you to split the cost.  Online lessons are also available.

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To book a lesson or a free 30-minute consultation with me, please see the Appointment Calendar.  (To book an online Skype lesson, select “Office Lesson.”)

If you have recently failed the California bar, I welcome you to come try a new approach.  Most students in this situation have spent too much time on MBE questions and not enough on essay practice.  The shortcoming of most bar-prep classes is that they keep telling you to “spot the issues,” but they never give you a list of what “the issues” are!  I have looked over numerous model answers to determine exactly what “the issues” are and how to structure your essay responses with them.  Frankly, the exam also requires a massive knowledge base.  I will help you with brute force memorization. I can look over your outlines and checklists to make sure they are complete, or alternatively start you on a new program with the flashcards-to-outline system that worked for me.

I graduated from the UCLA School of Law and passed the bar exam in 2004.  I am now a self-employed “tutorney,” a professional tutor and attorney (licensed in CA).